Baphomet and the Power of Symbolism

For centuries, people have connected their beliefs to symbols. When the early Christians needed to mark safe meeting places, they used the symbol of the fish. God Himself, to signify the final global flood, hung a rainbow as a symbol to Noah and his family. And when Hitler rose to power, he chose the now infamous swastika as the symbol for his Nazi party.

Symbols indicate allegiance, loyalty, and homage. There is power in symbols, whether for good or evil, and nowhere is this more apparent than in modern occultism. Next, in order to better understand such symbols when we see them, we’ll look at the history of some of Satan’s most influential signs.


In the mid 1800s, French occultist Eliphas Levi wrote a book called Dogmas and Rituals of High Magic, a book that would become very influential in occult circles. Included in his work is the infamous depiction of Baphomet, perhaps the most well-known symbol of magick and the occult.


The image shows a humanoid figure with the head of a goat, a light between its horns, its arms pointing at two moons. Essentially, the image represents duality. The head of a goat represents man’s base instincts, while the light between its horns represents true enlightenment.

The position of the creature’s hands is a visual representation of the occult principle, “As Above, So Below.” The left hand points toward a dark moon, representing black magick (or “left-hand” magick) as the right points to a light moon, which represents white magick (or “right-hand” magick).

Many practitioners of magick believe that once one is able to perfectly balance these dual natures, one can reach his or her “true” self. The beastly, sinful aspect of human nature is thought to be as necessary as the enlightened, divine aspect.

For Levi, Baphomet represented the union of every aspect of man–sinful and spiritual. For another famous occultist, however, Baphomet represented Satan himself.

The founder of the Church of Satan, Anton Lavey, chose the Sigil of Baphomet as the church’s official emblem. Lavey himself said that “Baphomet represents the Powers of Darkness combined with the generative fertility of the goat.” The pentagram itself has become heavily linked to Satanism, as the three downward-pointed points represent an inversion of the Trinity.

Interestingly, Aleister Crowley also identified with Baphomet as the emblem of Satan, and took the name as his “motto.” The concept Baphomet represents is an important part of Crowley’s religion, Thelema.

However the symbolism behind Baphomet is intended, one thing is for certain: It has become widely-known to both occult circles and mainstream audiences. Modern horror movies use the Sigil of Baphomet, or the inverted pentagram, as an easy representation of Satanic evil. But Baphomet symbolism has become prevalent in many other forms of modern media as well.

The Power of the Sigil

Lady Gaga as Baphomet
Lady Gaga with arms in the “as above, so below” positions.

The symbol of Baphomet as cropped up numerous times in recent years, in all forms of media.

Perhaps most notably in photos and music videos by Lady Gaga, who isn’t in the least bit afraid to ruffle a few feathers.

The image to the right is perhaps the most obvious homage to the image of Baphomet, but many of her music videos and the costumes for which she is notorious depict large horns and/or wings.

But there’s more.

Famous rock band Panic! at the Disco released a music video for their song “LA Devotee,” which is chock full of Satanic symbolism (I won’t get into it too much here–suffice it to say you probably shouldn’t watch the video).

At one point, this image is projected onto the lead singer’s face.

Panic! at the Disco Satanic Baphomet


Targeting the younger generation specifically, YouTube star That Poppy is well-known for her bizarre videos.  In the video for her song “Lowlife,” also takes on the Baphomet pose. It’s worth noting that her channel boasts over 240 million views, with this video alone having over 35 million.

That Poppy baphomet lowlife

In Conclusion

Why would these (and many more) entertainers place this blatantly Satanic imagery in their videos and photos? What’s the point?

On one hand, it’s possible that they are showing where their allegiance lies. Could Satan be so obvious to the people he influences? Perhaps.

On the other hand, it’s possible that the devil’s agenda is to desensitize us to these symbols. After all, it’s one thing when we see a pentagram on display in a horror movie. Of course that’s evil. It’s almost a caricature of evil.

But when our favorite artists pay homage to those same Satanic symbols, especially when they’re so subtle, it works its way into our brain. But recognizing these symbols, along with prayer for discernment, will make the influences of Satan easier to resist.

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